Request to bump JDK-8220272 priority

Thiago Milczarek Sayao thiago.sayao at
Mon Apr 8 02:00:33 UTC 2019

Did some more research.

For some reason enterModal() on ui/ is never called. The native part on gtk/GlassWindow.cpp is also never called. So, something else is doing the "MODAL" work inside the Java code and not on the native part.

I think the bug is on -> setVisible. Commenting out this line on setVisible seems to fix the problem:

// After setting visible to true on the native window, we block
// other windows.
if (visible) {
    if (modality == Modality.WINDOW_MODAL) {
        if (owner != null && owner instanceof WindowStage) {
            //HERE ---> ((WindowStage) owner).setEnabled(false);
    } else if (modality == Modality.APPLICATION_MODAL) {
    if (isAppletStage && null != appletWindow) {

What I think it's happening:

 setEnable(false) is being called on "Last Dialog" (reference to the example code on the bug report) owner which is "Second Window", so "Fist Window" is assuming as the top window again. 

It's somehow depending on event order. On my work machine the result varies, but mostly it shows the bug. On my home machine (which is newer and much more powerful) it *always* shows the bug.

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Did more research on this bug. It seems to happen when a stage has more than on child. The second child does not fire events on GlassWindowEventHandler.

Still do not know why..

Reporting here since I can't update the bug (no access).

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Assunto: Request to bump JDK-8220272 priority


Is it possible to bump up the JDK-8220272 priority?

We are building a Point of Sale application in OpenJfx for Brazilian Pharmacy Retail. This bug often change the order or windows, so top modal windows shows behind it's parent and users thinks the system hanged (because events on the window are blocked since there is a modal child window that is behind).

I can work to help fix it (I lack knowledge of openjfx internals, but at least I can try).


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