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Mon Apr 15 14:37:57 UTC 2019

Hi all,

>From a developer who wants to use JavaFX 11+ and as someone that wants 
to raise bugs, what's the difference between the Oracle Java Bug 
Database (which is very difficult to use) and the GitHub repo issues 

I've found 3 annoying bugs with JavaFX in the recent 11+ version (not 
present in the Java 8 SDK), but i'm finding it hard to find out if these 
are being worked up or will ever be worked on.

Im thinking of going back to JavaFX 8, but that means downgrading to 
Java 8 too, unless someone can tell me if there is a JavaFX 8 bundle I 
can use

The Oracle Java Bug Database seem to just very old bugs and has limited 
facilities to search.

Guidance anyone?

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Subject: Re: JDK-8220272: Found the problem + possible fix

>Hi Thiago,
>If you are interested in contributing a fix, please see [1] for instructions. Before we can evaluate your proposed fix, we will need is a signed OCA [2] from you.
>Thank you.
>-- Kevin
>On 4/14/2019 5:46 PM, Thiago Milczarek Sayao wrote:
>>In GlassApplication.cpp, the GDK_FOCUS_CHANGE event gets called from the last window to the first on my setup (I suspect "out-of-order" on some setups and even occasionally in the expected order). So the code to keep the latest enabled window fails (refering to activeWindows) - that's why the "First Window" (on the code to reproduce the bug report) shows on top - because openjfx thinks it was the latest window. In
>>      final void handleFocusDisabled() {
>>          if (activeWindows.isEmpty()) {
>>              return;
>>          }
>>          WindowStage window = activeWindows.get(activeWindows.size() - 1); //<-- HERE!!
>>          window.setIconified(false);
>>          window.requestToFront();
>>          window.requestFocus();
>>      }
>>When there is a WINDOW_MODAL this code gets called because the modal window disable it's parents (so they do not get events - it's correct). So openjfx brings up what it thinks it's the latest window - but since the out of order GDK_FOCUS_CHANGE - it's the wrong window (activeWindows list has not the correct order).
>>The Gtk docs states GDK_FOCUS_CHANGE is true "if the window has gained the keyboard focus" which may not be directly correlated to openjfx's WindowEvent.FOCUS_GAINED.
>>* THE FIX *
>>To fix this, WindowEvent.FOCUS_GAINED must be called in order of which window is shown (because the window is inserted on activeWindows at this event).
>>So I have modified glass_window.cpp to immediately call WindowEvent.FOCUS_GAINED when showing the window:
>>void WindowContextBase::set_visible(bool visible) {
>>      if (visible) {
>>          gtk_widget_show_all(gtk_widget);
>>          //JDK-8220272 - fire event first because GDK_FOCUS_CHANGE is not always in order
>>          if(jwindow && isEnabled()) {
>>              mainEnv->CallVoidMethod(jwindow, jWindowNotifyFocus, com_sun_glass_events_WindowEvent_FOCUS_GAINED);
>>          }
>>      } else {
>>          gtk_widget_hide(gtk_widget);
>>          if (jview && is_mouse_entered) {
>>              is_mouse_entered = false;
>>              mainEnv->CallVoidMethod(jview, jViewNotifyMouse,
>>                      com_sun_glass_events_MouseEvent_EXIT,
>>                      com_sun_glass_events_MouseEvent_BUTTON_NONE,
>>                      0, 0,
>>                      0, 0,
>>                      0,
>>                      JNI_FALSE,
>>                      JNI_FALSE);
>>              CHECK_JNI_EXCEPTION(mainEnv)
>>          }
>>      }
>>Did some tests and it seems to fix the problem.
>>I do not have permission to make a PR, so posting the fix here. Will happily do the PR if required.

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