Building on windows

Thiago Milczarek Sayao thiago.sayao at
Tue Aug 6 00:46:17 UTC 2019

win.gradle line 155:

//if (WINDOWS_VS_VER != "100") {
    winSdkBinDir += "/$CPU_BITS"

I have Windows 10, so commenting the if resolved the problem. Wonder why it's there...
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The double slash in "Bin//rc.exe" is weird, there should be a folder there.

If it helps, build.gradle has this comment on line 40:
> The genVSproperties.bat doesn't find the directory where RC.exe lives. So it is hard coded. Might be a problem.

I never hit this problem.

- Nir

On Mon, Aug 5, 2019 at 4:26 AM Thiago Milczarek Sayao <thiago.sayao at<mailto:thiago.sayao at>> wrote:
Managed to get past the error by updating the source tree.

Now I'm getting this:
> FAIL: cannot find RC: C:/Program Files (x86)/Windows Kits/10/Bin//rc.exe

Seems to be failing to get CPU architecture.

Mine is x64 (AMD Ryzen).

Chocolatey gives me the same error.

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I have followed the instructions on:

When running ./gradlew.bat on cygwin I get:

> FAIL: WINSDK_DIR not defined

My version is 14.16.27012.


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