Concatenating transforms to scale positions but not objects

Mark Raynsford org.openjdk at
Sun Aug 11 08:47:22 UTC 2019

On 2019-08-11T01:41:39 +0200
Michael Paus <mp at> wrote:

> Nir is right here but if you could ask your question on StackOverflow
> I'd be willing to comment on it because I was facing a very similar
> problem in my projects and I might provide some ideas.
> Am 11.08.19 um 01:25 schrieb Nir Lisker:
> > I think that this is a better question for StackOverflow. This is a
> > development mailing list.

The Community section on points here:

"JavaFX features a vibrant and passionate developer community. This
enthusiasm can be found in the open source mailing list [link to

There's nothing anywhere that I can see that states what kind of
discussion is and isn't on topic.

I will consider posting on StackOverflow but I've had some bad
experiences there in the past (overly-zealous anti-spam mechanisms
preventing me linking to references, preventing me from answering my
own question, etc).

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