Gitter chat + StackOverflow [was: Concatenating transforms to scale positions but not objects]

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Mon Aug 12 13:25:37 UTC 2019

On 2019-08-11T09:47:22 +0100
Mark Raynsford <org.openjdk at> wrote:

> On 2019-08-11T01:41:39 +0200
> Michael Paus <mp at> wrote:
> > Nir is right here but if you could ask your question on StackOverflow
> > I'd be willing to comment on it because I was facing a very similar
> > problem in my projects and I might provide some ideas.


Here's the StackOverflow question:

Out of interest: Is there any interest in setting up a chat
room? Given that there apparently isn't a mailing list for user
questions, and that there _is_ a GitHub presence for OpenJFX, a chat room would appear to be the logical place for user

I'd be happy to set up and run such a thing. I find Gitter strikes a
fairly nice balance in that it's accessible if you already have a
GitHub account, it stores a persistent searchable history like a mailing
list, but it's also capable of real-time communication if needed, and
is accessible without needing any kind of proprietary client. I'm not
sure if there's any other service that ticks all of those boxes. I'm
open to suggestions, though.

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