Gitter chat + StackOverflow [was: Concatenating transforms to scale positions but not objects]

John-Val Rose johnvalrose at
Tue Aug 13 10:43:38 UTC 2019

I’ve all but given up on StackOverflow.

It seems to be a haven for trolls or control freaks who deem perfectly reasonable questions as off-topic or inappropriate whereby the question then gets put on hold and can’t be answered.

It’s ridiculous and makes the forum almost unusable.

Some people enjoy the power they have to make this happen and have no interest in helping you or assisting in having your question answered.


> On 13 Aug 2019, at 20:34, Mark Raynsford <org.openjdk at> wrote:
> On 2019-08-12T14:25:37 +0100
> Mark Raynsford <org.openjdk at> wrote:
>> Hello!
>> Here's the StackOverflow question:
> And, right on cue, the question has been marked as "off-topic".
> I don't believe that StackOverflow is suitable for general community
> support. At least half of the interactions I have had with it have ended
> similarly.
> Thanks, Michael, for attempting to respond on StackOverflow.
> Unfortunately, the somewhat rabid moderators have decided that my
> question isn't worth asking and that your response isn't worth
> listening to. Sadness.
> -- 
> Mark Raynsford |

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