Gitter chat + StackOverflow [was: Concatenating transforms to scale positions but not objects]

fastegal at fastegal at
Tue Aug 13 15:29:38 UTC 2019

Zitat von John-Val Rose <johnvalrose at>:

> I’ve all but given up on StackOverflow.
> It seems to be a haven for trolls or control freaks who deem  
> perfectly reasonable questions as off-topic or inappropriate whereby  
> the question then gets put on hold and can’t be answered.
> It’s ridiculous and makes the forum almost unusable.
> Some people enjoy the power they have to make this happen and have  
> no interest in helping you or assisting in having your question  
> answered.
> Sad.

wow - what an attitude, that's extremely sad :( Did it never occur to  
you that users of both SO and this mailing list overlap?

Please refrain from insulting hard-working members of the community!


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