Gitter chat + StackOverflow [was: Concatenating transforms to scale positions but not objects]

Kustaa Nyholm kustaa.nyholm at
Tue Aug 13 16:44:22 UTC 2019

> On 13 Aug 2019, at 18.29, fastegal at wrote:
> wow - what an attitude, that's extremely sad :( Did it never occur to you that users of both SO and this mailing list overlap?
> Please refrain from insulting hard-working members of the community!
> Jeanette

> Jeanette I have to say I share more or less John's view of some the members of the SO community. And I don't think saying
what John said or saying that I share a lot of that view is insulting. Or did you miss interpret what he wrote? He was
talking about the overzealous control freaks at the SO (and many other forums) where perfectly valid and 
of general interested questions are exterminated at whim. Seen that, been the victim of.

wbr Kusti

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