RFR: 8217605: Add support for e-paper displays

John Neffenger john at status6.com
Mon Feb 4 21:09:20 UTC 2019

Please review the changes for "Add support for e-paper displays."


The "18 changed files with 3,622 additions and 2 deletions" reported by 
GitHub breaks down into the following actual lines of code (as measured 
by "cloc"):

   1,014 Java source code
     287 Java unit test code
     405 C source code
     120 C header file
   1,826 total lines of code

Only two existing files were modified. I added nine lines in 
"armv6hf.gradle" to include the Monocle EPD Platform in the build, and 
one line in "addExports" to allow the new unit test programs to run.


I'll make some videos of my JavaFX test application to demonstrate the 
features of the new platform.

Thank you,

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