Can Javafx cursor be disabled?

Thiago Milczarek Sayao thiago.sayao at
Sat Jun 1 22:18:22 UTC 2019

I don't think javafx supports framebuffer.

It might be working on gtk2, but will not work on gtk3 since the framebuffer backend was removed from gdk.

So I suggest you move to X11.
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Thanks for that, good to know. I should of mentioned that we are not using X, but using framebuffer instead

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If you are using, the cursor is controlled by X, so I would look for a X configuration to disable cursor.

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Assunto: Can Javafx cursor be disabled?

We have a touch/rotary device that doesn't use any mouse/cursor input.

Is there a way to tell javafx to not initialize a cursor ( in my case) on startup as we are seeing /dev/fb1 being unblanked and a grey cursor artifact drawn onto the /dev/fb1, before any user specific javafx code is created.

I have looked through the source code and there doesn't seem to be a configurable property to control this.

I can remove /dev/fb1  and javafx prints an error/stack-trace but appears to work as normal, however I'm not sure what ongoing  impact this has on javafx.

any thoughts?

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