Call for testing: Drag and Drop on Linux

Thiago Milczarek Sayao thiago.sayao at
Mon Jun 10 17:15:56 UTC 2019

Dear Linux Users,

I did some modifications on DND to work better with Linux:


  *   Works on wayland
  *   Works across gtk2 and gtk3 with little code differences
  *   Works on scenebuilder (with gtk3 - currently it falls back to gtk2)
  *   Will be easier to port to GTK4 when it's default (may take some time).

I have tested on Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04 and 19.04.

Please, give feedback on the Pull Request.

On the source there are two test apps included (tests/manual/dnd).

Can be also tested with scenebuilder (which uses drag and drop):

  *   Clone de source
  *   Build: gradlew build
  *   Run:  java --module-path <PATH TO OPENJFX SOURCE>/openjdk-jfx/build/sdk/lib --add-modules javafx.web,javafx.fxml,javafx.swing, --add-opens=javafx.fxml/javafx.fxml=ALL-UNNAMED -cp app/build/libs/scenebuilder-11.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

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