Fwd: JavaFX 11 on Raspberry Pi

Thomas Manz thomas.manz+JFX at gmail.com
Wed Mar 27 19:36:45 UTC 2019


in the last months I started to do some tests with Java 11 and JavaFX 11 on
a Raspberry Pi 3. I followed this manual (http://docs.gluonhq.com/embedded/)
but unfortunately I realized that so far Gluon´s EA build of JavaFX
11-ea-25 for armv6hf does not support audio for javafx.media (

Last week I repeated this with the meanwhile published non-EA build of
JavaFX 11.0.2 for armv6hf but the problem still exists.

In order to get a better feeling for the situation about JavaFX on the
Raspberry Pi I would be interested in some details:
1. The comment on StackOverflow says there is something missing in Gluon´s
release - is this correct or did I make a mistake?
2. In case the problem is in Gluon´s package:
    a) do you know about plans to fix this in the near future? Maybe with
JavaFX 12?
    b) are you aware of other sources for ARM builds of JavaFX 11 (that
might support audio)?
3. Is there some kind of documentation accessible that shows what
functionalities are included / not included in JavaFX 11 for ARM or any
future releases?

Thank you very much for your help!

Best regards,
Thomas Manz

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