Question regarding WebView

dprutean pruteanu at
Wed May 8 19:44:34 UTC 2019


I tried to get an answer on this on StackOverflow, but without success.

I am looking to intercept WebView HttpRequests and list the POST, PUT or
GET parameters for all outgoing requests. I know about Firebug, but I want
more: to get this data from the Java code.

I was thinking on solutions using:
1. Shared objects between WebView and JavaFx using:
  final JSObject jsWindowObject = (JSObject)
   jsWindowObject.setMember("cssProperty", cssProperty);
and then execute some JavaScript which would register a listener for fetch
events. I didn't find the right code.

2. Write a kind of proxy.

Do you know how this can be achived ?

Thank you,

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