JavaFx12 Armhf 50% cpu usage

Dell Green Dell.Green at
Fri May 17 08:29:52 UTC 2019

Hi Guys,

I don't know if anyone has any ideas where to start with troubleshooting this one, but currently we have an embedded product running oracle java 8 with javafx. We are currently in the process of testing openjdk12+javaFx12. Everything has been running fine, however we have just noticed that when idle the cpu usage on the target device is 50% when running the hello world Javafx application from Netbeans. In our previous device with javaFX8 when idle the cpu usage is 0%.

There is a lot more investigation to be done our end yet to try and narrow the issue and profile it to pinpoint the issue, but I was wondering if anyone else was seeing this on armhf, or have any ideas would could be the issue?

I can see in the java bugs database that in the past there have been the odd similar issue with high constant cpu usage which got resolved in the past, however the helloworld app only has a hello world Button with eventhandler on the stage so not much going on there, which make we think the problem lies lower down in the rendering.

I am getting hardware acceleration according to the prism.verbose output so cpu shouldn't be being used for rendering

any thoughts greatly appreciated :)

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