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And spring DIC should be one of couple which user of this tool could use. I think this can be made as CLI. Next step will be support for IDE------ Oryginalna wiadomość------Od: Thiago Milczarek SayaoData: Czw., 23 maj 2019 22:26Do: openjfx-dev at openjdk.java.net;DW: Temat:RE: Ideas for future developmentFor 2 I use spring boot (together with javafx).

On the "business logic" module I use other technologies such as JPA, Spring Boot JPA, ...

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Hello everybody,

Couple of word at the very beginning. I was interested in Javafx since
2011, however by more than six years I implemented software commercially
in .NET.  I did a couple of things in Javafx in my leisure time and my
experience I would like to share with all of you. I have some ideas for
future development of javafx which in my opinion could push this library
forward and on which I personaly want to take apart of.

1.The first idea which I have is implementation of some sort of control
template. This control template could be use in every containers type of
controls like ListView or TableView. It could be define directly in
container control view but also in other file. SelectorTemplate will be
a class which will select particular control. There will be also some
kind of default Selector which will map particular control with element
in collection define in controller.

2. Implementation of real kind of tools which will supports modular
JavaFX development. I was studying a lot that what was done by Adam Bien
a couple years ago. It was really good direction in case of huge desktop
enterprise client apps. I think there are also important to implement
some kind of support tools like this for Prism in wpf. Choose of DI
Container should be done in the moment of generation of new module.

Technical details I will describe letter if there will be someone who
want to support me :)


Krzysztof Gorczowski

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