JavaFX-Bugs on GraalVM 19.3 (Java 11)

Dirk Lemmermann dlemmermann at
Thu Nov 21 07:47:43 UTC 2019

I am also observing issues related to text color. All of my  labels show up in blue instead of the color defined globally in my css file.

> On 20 Nov 2019, at 22:20, Michael Paus <mp at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I would just like to know where JavaFX problems or bugs should be reported
> which are strictly related to running on the just released GraalVM 19.3 with
> Java 11 support. Should they go into the regular JBS or should they be reported
> elsewhere?
> For example: I have observed that a large JavaFX application seems to work
> correctly at first but then suddenly all text on all controls turns white and
> white on white or light grey is not really readable anymore. I've never observed
> such a behaviour on any other VM before. There is also no error message or
> warning associated with this. It just happens.
> There even seem to be more issues when you try to use native-image.
> --Michael

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