Question on Git History

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at
Wed Oct 9 13:16:17 UTC 2019


On 10/9/2019 1:13 AM, Tom Schindl wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm not sure I fully understand that hg => git translation but do we see
> the full history of files or just a
> partial version?

It's a full history, identical to the HG repo.

> If I eg look at
> I doubt this is the fully history of this class (eg including OpenJFX-8).

This is a known limitation of the GitHub UI interface. The history for a 
file is shown using the equivalent of "git log filename" which won't 
show history across file renames. If you have a local clone you can do this:

git log --follow filename

Btw, this is the same behavior that you will see with HG: "hg log 
filename" will not follow renames, but "hg log --follow filename" does.

> Another strange thing is that I see by looking at the tags
> ( and releases I
> ( There are some 8u*
> tags/releases but it's by far not all of them. Why is that?

This also matches the HG repo, as can be seen here:

The only reason it has any 8u tags at all is that up until partway 
through the 8u60 release, we were doing all FX development in 8u and 
forward syncing all changesets to 9. We stopped auto-syncing after 
8u60-b08 as announced in this message [1].

-- Kevin


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