RFR: 8230231: font-family not updated in HTMLEditor

Kevin Rushforth kcr at openjdk.org
Wed Oct 9 16:09:07 UTC 2019

On Wed, 9 Oct 2019 16:09:06 GMT, Hadzic Samir <shadzic at openjdk.org> wrote:

> Fix for https://github.com/javafxports/openjdk-jfx/issues/573
> Issue on JDK bug tracking : https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8230231
> I tried to add a test but I do not succeed at even running the existing Web tests.. I will need some help on that side..
> ----------------
> Commits:
>  - e9df9db5: Adding double-quote for HTMLEditorSkin font-family
> Changes: https://git.openjdk.java.net/jfx/pull/12/files
>  Webrev: https://webrevs.openjdk.java.net/jfx/12/webrev.00
>   Issue: https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8230231
>   Stats: 4 lines in 1 file changed: 0 ins; 0 del; 4 mod
>   Patch: https://git.openjdk.java.net/jfx/pull/12.diff
>   Fetch: git fetch https://git.openjdk.java.net/jfx pull/12/head:pull/12

@Maxoudela please edit the title as follows:

1. Remove the space before the `:` (that extra space is why jcheck failed)
2. Change the text of the title to match the JBS bug summary exactly. You can edit the JBS bug summary if you feel it needs to be changed, but in this case, the JBS bug has a title that is more in line with our usual practice of having the bug title be descriptive of what the problem is and not what the solution happens to be.

As for unit tests, you will very likely need to add this as a system test under `tests/system/src/main/test`. See [tests/system/src/test/java/test/javafx/scene/web/HTMLEditorTest.java](https://github.com/openjdk/jfx/blob/master/tests/system/src/test/java/test/javafx/scene/web/HTMLEditorTest.java). Presuming that you can add your test to that existing class, you would run it as follows:

gradle -PFULL_TEST=true :systemTests:test --tests HTMLEditorTest

PR: https://git.openjdk.java.net/jfx/pull/12

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