Parameterized test not compiling

Jeanette Winzenburg fastegal at
Mon Oct 14 13:28:29 UTC 2019

compiles fine in Eclipse, throws when compiling in cygwin with gradle  

The test class (excerpt):

public abstract  class  DefaultCancelButtonTest<C extends Control> {

     private ButtonType buttonType;
     private boolean consume;
     private boolean registerAfterShowing;

     @Parameterized.Parameters(name= "{index}: Button {0}, consuming  
{1}, registerAfterShowing {2} " )
     public static Collection<Object[]> data() {
         Object[][] data = new Object[][] {
             // buttonType, consuming, registerAfterShowing
             {new ButtonType(ButtonState.DEFAULT), true, true},
             {new ButtonType(ButtonState.DEFAULT), true, false},
             {new ButtonType(ButtonState.DEFAULT), false, true},
             {new ButtonType(ButtonState.DEFAULT), false, false},
             {new ButtonType(ButtonState.CANCEL), true, true},
             {new ButtonType(ButtonState.CANCEL), true, false},
             {new ButtonType(ButtonState.CANCEL), false, true},
             {new ButtonType(ButtonState.CANCEL), false, false},
         return Arrays.asList(data);

     public DefaultCancelButtonTest(ButtonType buttonType, boolean consume,
             boolean registerAfterShowing) {
         this.buttonType = buttonType;
         this.consume = consume;
         this.registerAfterShowing = registerAfterShowing;


the error:

C:\Daten\data-for-work\eclipse\gitrep-openjdk\jfx-fork\modules\javafx.controls\src\test\java\test\javafx\scene\control\ error: cannot find  
     @Parameterized.Parameters(name= "{index}: Button {0}, consuming  
{1}, registerAfterShowing {2} " )
   symbol:   method name()
   location: @interface Parameters

Any idea what's wrong?

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