Bug in TreeTableView rendering

Jeanette Winzenburg fastegal at swingempire.de
Wed Oct 16 10:51:58 UTC 2019

Zitat von Sverre Moe <sverre.moe at gmail.com>:

> A comment on the JDK-8231644 issue was added by Jeanette Winzenburg
> https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8231644
>> hmm .. no testing done but: the data object looks pathological - it's
> always problematic to have nodes as data (even though technically
> possible). That will explode with the known glitches with
> graphics/disclosureNode in treeTableRow
> I would like to know more about what you are saying here:
> 1) That OurDataObject and AlsoOurDataObject as data model/type to
> TreeTableView<OurObjectType> is pathological?
> 2) "Having nodes as data". Are you referring to using a Label node in the
> Column CellValueFactory?
> column.setCellValueFactory(param -> new ReadOnlyObjectWrapper<>(
>                 new OurDataObjectLabel(param.getValue().getValue())));

exactly, _class OurDataObjectLabel extends Label_

is a terrible mixing of data with view - simply don't, they should be  
separated for a reason ..

> Instead of using:
> column.setCellValueFactory(new TreeItemPropertyValueFactory<>("name"));
> The reason we are using OurDataObjectLabel, is because we want to style a
> specific type of data determined by AlsoOurDataObject.

suboptimal approach: instead let a custom cell style itself based on content

> 3) What known glitches?

there are a bunch of bugs (don't have references handy, sry) - search  
the bug parade for Tree/Table/Cell andTree/TableRow

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