Change Priority of JDK-8231513

Sebastian Stenzel sebastian.stenzel at
Wed Oct 16 21:52:59 UTC 2019

I would like to ask whether it doesn't make sense to give this issue a little more attention than P4:

Essentially, as Kevin Rushforth confirmed in the Ticket, any JavaFX application will trigger a warning on the latest stable macOS release that it is requesting permissions to an API to receive key events.

I want to stress that denying this permission will not impair the functionality of any JavaFX controls in any way.

Nevertheless this warning lets any JavaFX application appear as a malware. This is especially worrying for productivity apps used in enterprise environments. The only thing downstream developers can do atm is fingerpointing at JavaFX, which harms its spread as a UI frameworks for cross platform dev.

I suggest to solve this earlier than with openjfx-14, since it will affect any JavaFX app for any macOS Catalina user.

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