Using gradle mit JDK-13

Robert Lichtenberger r.lichtenberger at
Fri Oct 18 06:02:12 UTC 2019

In trying to provide a fix for JDK-8232524 I have begun to setup a build
for JavaFX.

According to [1] using JDK-13 is recommended. However, gradle is not yet
ready to run on JDK-13 ([2]):

[rli at rlinux jfx]$ ./gradlew clean

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

* Where:

Build file '/home/rli/PWEs/jfx/buildSrc/build.gradle'

* What went wrong:

Could not compile build file '/home/rli/PWEs/jfx/buildSrc/build.gradle'.

> startup failed:

  General error during semantic analysis: Unsupported class file major version 57

I'll now continue on JDK-12 (just like I have to in my day job) but is
there any general advice on how to proceed with JDK-13?

Best regards,




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