Request for permission to backport fixes to jfx-11

Johan Vos johan.vos at
Mon Oct 21 10:16:48 UTC 2019

Hi Kevin,

I request permission to backport the following issues to the jfx-11
repository. All patches apply clean or with minor changes (e.g. must keep jfx.release.major.version to 11)


- Johan : Upgrade to gcc 8.2 on
Linux : Upgrade to Visual Studio
2017 version 15.9.6 : Upgrade to Xcode 10.1 : Record the versions of
tools used to build FX in the repo : javafx.web build fails
on XCode 10.2 : Update SQLite to version
3.28.0 : Update to 608.1 version
of WebKit : Cherry pick GTK WebKit
2.24.3 changes : [web] Cookies are not
enabled in WebKit v608.1 : [windows]
PlatformFileHandle type should be JGObject rather than void * : [Windows] Fix assertion
failure on X86 32-bit when enabling CLOOP based JavaScript interpreter : Websocket client doesn't
work in WebView : Multi-level
Stage::initOwner can crash gnome-shell or server : [GTK3] Stage sometimes
shown at top-left before moving to correct position : DragAndDrop no longer
works with GTK3 : MediaPlayer does not
play some mp3 with artwork stream in mjpeg Add new protected
VirtualFlow methods for subclassing

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