OpenJFX 13, AdoptOpenJDK 12, NetBeans 11 not working

Duquette, Will (US 393E) william.h.duquette at
Mon Sep 16 17:40:14 UTC 2019

Howdy.  I'm new to this list; I'm a longtime JavaFX 8/NetBeans 8 user.  I'm trying to come to grips with OpenJFX.

I've installed AdoptOpenJDK 12 and OpenJFX 13, and installed NetBeans 11.1.  I've created the JavaFX13 library in NetBeans as described in the OpenJFX getting started guide, and created a simple non-FXML hello world program.  It compiles.

On the project properties "Run" tab, I've updated the VM options as described in the Getting Started Guide:

--module-path /Users/MyUserName/javafx-sdk-13/lib --add-modules javafx.controls

(I left the javafx.fxml module off, because I'm not using it.)

When I try to run the app, I still get the error

    Error occurred during initialization of boot layer

    java.lang.module.FindException: Module javafx.controls not found

I've checked and double-checked the module path and the module name.  The given lib/ folder contains javafx.controls.jar, along with everything else.  But somehow, NetBeans can't find it.

Anybody got any ideas?

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