JavaFX 11 Web Module Linux Requires libavcodec-ffmpeg

Sverre Moe at
Thu Sep 19 08:52:27 UTC 2019

Building an JavaFX application with the jpackage tools adds many additional
Linux RPM Requires.

Among these are libavcodec56 and libavcodec-ffmpeg56. It is ffmpeg2 that
has libavcodec56, but the libavcodec-ffmpeg is nowhere to be found. It does
not seem to exist.

If building an Java runtime image with the JavaFX 11 Web module, these are
among the RPM Requires added to the RPM package built by jpackage. One
could actually think it would be the media module that had these requires,
but no it doesn't.

The jpackage tool does not have any of these Require packages itself. It is
getting them from the javafx.web module. If I omit the javafx.web from the
java runtime image, these Requires are omitted from the built RPM package:

The problem is since libavcodec-ffmpeg does not exist installing this built
package is impossible (or cumbersome at best).

It Requires either ffmpeg2 (libavcodec56) or ffmpeg3 (libavcoded57), so
most Linux distributions are covered. Even if a Linux distribution has
ffmpeg3 it will not install the package because of libavcodec-ffmpeg.

What part of the JavaFX Web module requires ffmpeg and libavcodec? I would
like to try using this to see if the application works on Linux. Perhaps
the libavcodec-ffmpeg is provided by some other package or other named


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