Details on move to Skara-enabled GIT repos

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at
Tue Sep 24 21:10:50 UTC 2019

  To: OpenJFX Contributors

Here is some additional information on the mechanics of the impending 
switch to GIT [1]. The high-level overview is as follows.


Before the switch:

1. File an issue to associate your GitHub username with your OpenJDK ID 
(if you have one)
2. Fork the openjdk/jfx  GitHub repo and create a local clone

After the switch:

3. Submitting a pull request to openjdk/jfx


The following can be done at any time. I recommend you do these before 
the switch to GIT, since they must be completed before you submit your 
first pull request to the openjdk/jfx repo:

1. Associate your GitHub username with your OpenJDK ID

Everyone with an OpenJDK ID (everyone who is and Author, Committer, or 
Reviewer in OpenJFX or any other Project) who wants to contribute to 
OpenJFX needs to file a JBS issue in the Skara project to associate 
their GitHub username with their OpenJDK ID. This allows the Skara 
tooling to know what role you have in the Project, and also serves as 
verification that you have signed the OCA (people without an OpenJDK ID 
will go through a separate verification step the first time they submit 
a PR).

Click here to file the issue:

Use the following as the bug Summary:

     Associate GitHub user 'MyGitHubUsername' with OpenJDK user 

And then press "Submit". You don't need to add anything in the 
Description of the bug.

2. Create a fork of the openjdk/jfx repo

A. Go to
B. Click on the "Fork" button in to the far right of the "openjdk / jfx" 
repo name
C. Create a local clone of your fork on your system

See the "Fork a repo" [2] page on GitHub page for more information on 
creating and managing a fork.

IMPORTANT: unless you know exactly what you are doing, do *not* attempt 
to pull / fetch from a clone of the javafxports/openjdk-jfx repo (or 
from your personal fork of that repo) into a clone of your newly-created 
fork of openjdk/jfx. The commit hashes in the javafxports/openjdk-jfx 
sandbox are not the same as those in the openjdk/jfx repo, so the two 
repos are "unrelated" to each other. You will have duplicate copies of 
each of the more than 11,000 commits. I will provide separate 
instructions for migrating any branches / pull requests that you have.

After the switch:

3. Submitting a pull request to openjdk/jfx

After we have switched over to the Skara-enable openjdk/jfx GIT repo, 
every contribution must be done as a pull request against the repo (not a webrev posted to You are welcome to use the Skara command line 
tools to help you with this, but you need not do so.

I just sent a PR for review [3] to update the CONTRIBUTING guidelines 
with the information needed to submit, review, and integrate fixes via a 
pull request to openjdk/jfx. See the "Submitting your changes via a pull 
request" section of the updated file.

As a best practice, please create a separate branch for each 
contribution. Name the branch with something that is meaningful to you. 
You can, but need not, include the JBS bug ID in the branch name. I 
strongly recommend that you not use your master branch for this purpose 
or it will become confusing. If you use your master branch at all, I 
recommend that you periodically sync in the upstream master branch 
(meaning that your master branch never has commits that aren't already 
in the upstream master).

4. Migrate your open pull requests from javafxports/openjdk-jfx to 
openjdk/jfx (coming soon)

I will send a separate email about migrating existing pull requests 
against the javafxports/openjdk-jfx sandbox to the official openjdk-jfx 

Let me know if you have any questions.

-- Kevin


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