Details on move to Skara-enabled GIT repos

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at
Wed Sep 25 18:40:51 UTC 2019

To: OpenJFX Contributors with open pull requests

If you have an open pull request [4] in the javafxports/openjdk-jfx 
sandbox that isn't merged before the switch (i.e., one that is still 
open on Tuesday when the HG repo goes read-only), here are some 
instructions that should help you port your PR to the new openjfx/jfx repo:

These instructions presume that you have already created a personal fork 
of both the existing javafxports/openjdk-jfx sandbox repo and the new 
openjdk/jfx repo, and that you have locally cloned each of them. It also 
presumes that you have configured an upstream remote named 'upstream' as 
suggested here [1].

1. In your local clone of your personal fork of the old 
javafxports/openjdk-jfx sandbox repo:

The "upstream" remote should point to:

git checkout "MYBRANCH"
git fetch upstream
git merge upstream/develop
rm 0*.patch
git format-patch upstream/develop..HEAD

where "MY-JAVAFXPORTS-FORK" is the local directory into which you have 
cloned your fork of javafxports/openjdk-jfx, and "MYBRANCJH" is the name 
of the branch against which you have made the pull request.

2. In your local clone of your personal fork of the new openjdk/jfx repo:

The "upstream" remote should point to:

git fetch upstream
git checkout -b "MYBRANCH" upstream/master
git am --keep-cr "MY-JAVAFXPORTS-FORK"/0*.patch

where "MY-OPENJDK-FORK" is the local directory into which you have 
cloned your fork of openjdk/jfx, and "MYBRANCJH" is the name of the 
branch against which you will make the pull request.

Then you can push your branch to your local fork of the new openjdk/jfx 
repo. Once the repo is open for pull requests (next Wednesday), you can 
submit a new pull request.

-- Kevin


On 9/24/2019 2:10 PM, Kevin Rushforth wrote:
>  To: OpenJFX Contributors
> Here is some additional information on the mechanics of the impending 
> switch to GIT [1]. The high-level overview is as follows.
> Before the switch:
> 1. File an issue to associate your GitHub username with your OpenJDK 
> ID (if you have one)
> 2. Fork the openjdk/jfx  GitHub repo and create a local clone
> After the switch:
> 3. Submitting a pull request to openjdk/jfx
> The following can be done at any time. I recommend you do these before 
> the switch to GIT, since they must be completed before you submit your 
> first pull request to the openjdk/jfx repo:
> 1. Associate your GitHub username with your OpenJDK ID
> Everyone with an OpenJDK ID (everyone who is and Author, Committer, or 
> Reviewer in OpenJFX or any other Project) who wants to contribute to 
> OpenJFX needs to file a JBS issue in the Skara project to associate 
> their GitHub username with their OpenJDK ID. This allows the Skara 
> tooling to know what role you have in the Project, and also serves as 
> verification that you have signed the OCA (people without an OpenJDK 
> ID will go through a separate verification step the first time they 
> submit a PR).
> Click here to file the issue:
> Use the following as the bug Summary:
>     Associate GitHub user 'MyGitHubUsername' with OpenJDK user 
> 'MyOpenJDKID'
> And then press "Submit". You don't need to add anything in the 
> Description of the bug.
> 2. Create a fork of the openjdk/jfx repo
> A. Go to
> B. Click on the "Fork" button in to the far right of the "openjdk / 
> jfx" repo name
> C. Create a local clone of your fork on your system
> See the "Fork a repo" [2] page on GitHub page for more information on 
> creating and managing a fork.
> IMPORTANT: unless you know exactly what you are doing, do *not* 
> attempt to pull / fetch from a clone of the javafxports/openjdk-jfx 
> repo (or from your personal fork of that repo) into a clone of your 
> newly-created fork of openjdk/jfx. The commit hashes in the 
> javafxports/openjdk-jfx sandbox are not the same as those in the 
> openjdk/jfx repo, so the two repos are "unrelated" to each other. You 
> will have duplicate copies of each of the more than 11,000 commits. I 
> will provide separate instructions for migrating any branches / pull 
> requests that you have.
> After the switch:
> 3. Submitting a pull request to openjdk/jfx
> After we have switched over to the Skara-enable openjdk/jfx GIT repo, 
> every contribution must be done as a pull request against the 
> repo (not a webrev posted to 
> You are welcome to use the Skara command line 
> tools to help you with this, but you need not do so.
> I just sent a PR for review [3] to update the CONTRIBUTING guidelines 
> with the information needed to submit, review, and integrate fixes via 
> a pull request to openjdk/jfx. See the "Submitting your changes via a 
> pull request" section of the updated file.
> As a best practice, please create a separate branch for each 
> contribution. Name the branch with something that is meaningful to 
> you. You can, but need not, include the JBS bug ID in the branch name. 
> I strongly recommend that you not use your master branch for this 
> purpose or it will become confusing. If you use your master branch at 
> all, I recommend that you periodically sync in the upstream master 
> branch (meaning that your master branch never has commits that aren't 
> already in the upstream master).
> 4. Migrate your open pull requests from javafxports/openjdk-jfx to 
> openjdk/jfx (coming soon)
> I will send a separate email about migrating existing pull requests 
> against the javafxports/openjdk-jfx sandbox to the official 
> openjdk-jfx repo.
> Let me know if you have any questions.
> -- Kevin
> [1] 
> [2]
> [3]

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