Stuck attempting to run/develop a manual unit test

Jeanette Winzenburg fastegal at
Fri Apr 3 11:47:47 UTC 2020

Hi Craig,

no manual test needed - you can implement a normal (unit) test with  
the help or VirtualFlowTestUtils: grab the flow, get its first/last  
visible cell and check whether their range includes to cell we want to  
see, something like:

     public void testScrollInSkin() {
         int index = 50;
         VirtualFlow<IndexedCell<?>> virtualFlow = getFlow();
         int first = virtualFlow.getFirstVisibleCell().getIndex();
         int last = virtualFlow.getLastVisibleCell().getIndex();
         assertTrue(" visible range [" + first + ", " + last + "] must  
include " + index,
                 first <= index  && index <= last);

     protected VirtualFlow<IndexedCell<?>> getFlow() {
         VirtualFlow<IndexedCell<?>> virtualFlow =  
         return virtualFlow;

Have a look at the tests in test.xx.controls to understand how to  
setup the test context. And have fun :)

Zitat von Craig Cavanaugh <craig.cavanaugh at>:

> I am trying to create a manual unit test for RFR: 8129123 and I'm using the
> existing as a template to make sure
> everything is working correctly.
> I'm using an Ubuntu 18.04.4 build environment using the default 11.0.6
> openjdk.
> openjfx is successfully compiling and passing tests following the wiki
> instructions
> I'm able to compile ButtonMnemonicPositionTest successfully as shown below.
> javac -classpath  .:/home/craig/IdeaProjects/jfx/build/sdk/lib/*
> But attempts to run are failing despite a successful compile:
> java -classpath  .:/home/craig/IdeaProjects/jfx/build/sdk/lib/*
> ButtonMnemonicPositionTest
> Error: JavaFX runtime components are missing, and are required to run this
> application
> I've also tried running using the modular-sdk after a Gradle build and no
> luck either after finding a recommendation on the list that the module
> approach should be used for testing.
> java --module-path /home/craig/IdeaProjects/jfx/build/modular-sdk/modules
> --add-modules=javafx.controls ButtonMnemonicPositionTest
> Error occurred during initialization of boot layer
> java.lang.module.FindException: Module javafx.controls not found
> I've been search through the list archive and haven't found a solution.
> I'm sure I'm doing something wrong.
> Some help please!
> Regards,
> Craig

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