Support "trust all" SSL context in OpenJFX 14

Lior Yaffe lior.yaffe at
Tue Apr 7 11:14:39 UTC 2020

Some background information on why we are facing the issue.
The internal implementation of WebView changed in OpenJFX 14 to use
HttpClient instead of Http(s)URLConnection. Therefore, it is no longer
possible to use the following methods to set a custom SSL context before
instantiation of a HttpsURLConnection object:


The only way to set a custom SSLContext to a HttpClient is to use the
method HttpClientBuilder#sslContext unfortunately this method is not
accessible for the Webview code.

Since there is no static method on the HttpClient to set a custom
SSLContext, we hereby request to introduce a public method on WebView (or
WebEngine) for the purpose of passing a custom SSL context.


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