GitHub glitch - merging master into an old pull request

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at
Fri Apr 17 15:08:30 UTC 2020

Yeah, something went wrong here. Either the merge went wrong (a quick 
glance suggests that it didn't) or it has managed to confuse GitHub 
(that seems likely). I also added a comment to the PR.

I do not recommend changing the base branch. Even if that were to fix 
it, it would be much better for reviewers to rebase and force push.

-- Kevin

On 4/17/2020 7:56 AM, John Neffenger wrote:
> I was surprised to see GitHub listing in my pull request all of the 
> changes I merged from the upstream master branch, as I commented here:
> Did I merge the upstream master branch correctly?
> Unfortunately, GitHub also pulled into my pull request anyone who 
> participated in those changes to master, which is why I'm posting this 
> to the mailing list instead of commenting there.
> This is the first time I've seen the problem, but it dates back to at 
> least 2013 according to this Stack Overflow question:
> GitHub pull request showing commits that are already in target branch
> Should I try the suggested fix of temporarily switching the base branch?
> In my case, I would edit the pull request to choose the "jfx14" base 
> branch, save the change, and then edit it again to switch it back to 
> the "master" base branch. The Stack Overflow answers state that the 
> extra commits will then be gone, and I'll have a nice clean pull 
> request again.
> Thanks,
> John

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