Remove JavaFX JPMS enforcement

Mike Hearn mike at
Mon Apr 20 09:28:14 UTC 2020

With respect to reflection, it seems like the module system really wants
you to use Lookup capabilities rather than "open" modules to reflection.
That is, JFX could be changed to use

var objects = FXMLLoader.load(MethodHandles.lookup(), new URL("...."));

The semantics of a Lookup are that it grants whoever holds the object the
same access rights as whoever created it. Thus if an object creates a
Lookup and gives it to a framework, that framework can access anything the
object could itself access.

The lookup object would then be used to do reflection rather than the
classical reflection API. With this change the API would guide you to a
form that always works, regardless of module configuration.

Due to its nature as a GUI toolkit JFX often needs to reflect over user
code. It may be worth considering a deeper upgrade in which a Lookup object
is provided during application startup, and passed in to the framework e.g.
the Application class. Lookup objects can be 'teleported' so JFX components
that wish to work with user GUI code generically can then fetch a Lookup
from a central place. However, this wouldn't allow overriding of access
control (i.e. FXMLLoader that takes such a lookup and teleports it to the
right class for access, wouldn't be able to access private fields, because
the original place where the lookup was created also couldn't).

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