Working on - JDK-8090423 - [Font] Support Font Weights other than Bold and Regular, like Light

Philip Race philip.race at
Thu Apr 23 01:02:07 UTC 2020

I was mulling over why if it is so easy we didn't do it and I suspect
(haven't checked, and so long ago I can't remember off hand) that
this code needed to run on top of the old Java 2D pipeline (wrongly
called the Swing pipeline). And 2D did not and does not provide
this functionality either.


On 4/22/20, 3:40 PM, Philip Race wrote:
> Sadly no one is working on it.
> It probably is not that hard to do, the weight should be in the OS/2 
> table
> -phil
> On 4/22/20, 3:26 PM, Tom Schindl wrote:
>> Hi Kevin / Phil,
>> I'd like to start working on JDK-8090423 but before I start investing 
>> time I wanted to make sure nobody is working on that and if you have 
>> any input, ideas already how to address that problem help me not 
>> wasting time.
>> Tom

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