Integrated: 8196079: Remove obsolete Pisces rasterizer

Kevin Rushforth kcr at
Mon Aug 10 12:23:07 UTC 2020

On Sat, 18 Jul 2020 14:57:08 GMT, Kevin Rushforth <kcr at> wrote:

> This removes the obsolete OpenPiscesRasterizer (Java-based) and NativePiscesRasterizer implementations. The Marlin
> rasterizer was added in FX 9 and was made the default in FX 10. Marlin both outperforms Pisces and is more robust.
> There is no reason to keep the Pisces rasterizer(s) any more.  Note that the SW pipeline still has a Pisces-based
> renderer for the actual rendering of primitives. This is separate from the rasterizer and is not affected by this
> proposed fix.  I have tested this on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

This pull request has now been integrated.

Changeset: 5c596b14
Author:    Kevin Rushforth <kcr at>
Stats:     10224 lines in 30 files changed: 10217 ins; 1 del; 6 mod

8196079: Remove obsolete Pisces rasterizer

Reviewed-by: prr, lbourges



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