Rate of embedded animations

Nir Lisker nlisker at gmail.com
Wed Jan 1 21:04:54 UTC 2020


As part of my work in the animations package I've come across an undefined
spec. Is the rate of an animation that is embedded in a Parallel/Sequential
transition inherited and overridden by its parent?

If I have an animations with a rate of 1 and a parent with a rate of 2, and
I add the animation to the parent, does the rate property change from 1 to
2 (generating a change/invalidation event etc.)? Then, should any
subsequent changes to the parent's rate trigger a change in the child's

The implementation is a bit messy in this regard. The rate and currentRate
values exist in both Animation and its ClipEnvelope, which is the source
for a couple of bugs. For example, changing the rate of a
ParallelTransition changes the child's ClipEnvelope's rate and currentRate,
but only the animation's currentRate (and not rate). Is it supposed to be
this way?

What is clear is that it's not possible to change the rate of the embedded
animation directly.

The docs do not talk about the rate of an embedded animation (they do talk
about the node property though).

- Nir

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