Memory leak in JavaFX 8 when changing skins

Adam Granger adam at
Thu Jan 9 08:04:07 UTC 2020


I realise this is now legacy for most people but we still widely use
JavaFX 8. 

I appear to have discovered a memory leak when skin is changed

The constructor
adds an event listener 


However this is never removed in the dispose() which prevents garbage
collection of the previous skin.

This problem is amplified by fact JavaFX appears to reload skins
unnecessarily in a complex use case involving JFXPanel  - I've as-yet
been unable to produce a SSCCE for this

What I've discovered so far
 - CSS is reprocessed 

 - javafx.scene.CssStyleHelper.canReuseStyleHelper(Node, StyleMap)
returns false
 - node.styleHelper.resetToInitialValues(node); is called which then
causes the "stock" skin load
 - custom skin (-fx-skin in our application CSS) is then loaded

 - stock skin cannot be GC'd and neither can our custom skin
 - appears to affect any subclass of BehaviorSkinBase

Please could you confirm my analysis of this problem and suggest any



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