"Internal review ID : 9062887" (Re: FXMLLoader: not supplying filename to script engine, not supplying event object as argument to script

Rony G. Flatscher Rony.Flatscher at wu.ac.at
Fri Jan 24 12:27:07 UTC 2020

On 23.01.2020 18:09, Anthony Vanelverdinghe wrote:
> On 22/01/2020 18:52, Rony G. Flatscher wrote:
... cut ...
>> Maybe one more question: there would be an optimization possible by compiling scripts for script
>> engines that have the javax.script.Compilable interface implemented and use the compiled version
>> to execute/evaluate the scripts (may be helpful for event handler code e.g. for onMouseMove event
>> handlers). Can the fix include such an optimization or should there be a separate discussion/RFE
>> for it beforehand? (Adding this would be trivial in the context of the fix, however the bug
>> description would not hint at such an optimization.)
> In my opinion, this should be filed as a separate issue, since it's unrelated to the current issue
> and is an enhancement, rather than a bug.

Thank you very much Anthony, will do.


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