TableView slow vertical scrolling with 300+ columns

Ed Kennard ed at
Sat Jan 25 01:39:07 UTC 2020

Hi everyone,

I’m new to the list, so by way of a short introduction, I’ve been working with JavaFX for the last 4 years developing a commodities trading risk management system from the ground up for a software company I co-founded in London.  All our code is written in Scala, the functional style of which is essential for the mathematical heavy lifting needed on the backend, but which also lends itself really well to UI programming and working with JavaFX.  I’m enthusiastic about JavaFX and would love to make a contribution to the project.

At the center of our product is an extension of the TableView control that’s responsible for displaying all the output from our pivot reporting engine.  Depending on how the user configures the layout of their pivot reports, sometimes there are a legitimately large number of columns (300+).  When that happens, while the horizontal scrolling remains perfectly smooth, the vertical scrolling degrades to a somewhat juddery state and CPU usage spikes.

I found an issue raised about this in 2019 on the old JFX GitHub repo here…

…but I’m not sure whether, per Kevin’s suggestion at the bottom, it was ever submitted through the correct channels.  I can confirm that the test code included there by “yososs” on 20th May 2019 perfectly illustrates the problem I’m experiencing.  The same person seems to have a fairly clear theory on what is causing the problem, too - see their follow-up comment on 12 Sept 2019.

So, my questions to the list are:

  1.  Has anyone seen this issue raised anywhere else?
  2.  If yes, has anyone taken a look into it yet, and possibly even found a fix?
  3.  If no to both of the above, shall I submit it through the correct channels then have a crack at fixing myself?  Or is the issue likely to be a much deeper and far-reaching one than I’m anticipating?

Many thanks


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