[EXTERNAL] Explanation of different scaling factors anywhere?

Tom Eugelink tbee at tbee.org
Tue Jan 28 06:42:31 UTC 2020

ResponsivePane is an attempt to do something in that way, but I chose a slightly different approach where the system automatically switches between different layouts and CSS files depending on the window's size. It has a common area (reusable nodes) and then specific layouts per size.

It worked very well, I used it to transition between desktop, tablet en phone screens. Except problems with higher screen DPI's, which I was not able to solve because the DPI info JavaFX gave me was inaccurate.

On 28-1-2020 00:02, Pedro Duque Vieira wrote:
> Hi,
> AFAIK, -fx-padding values are also affected as long as they're also defined
> in em.
> I agree, would also be nice for other things to scale automatically,
> depending on the font size defined in root. I don't think other properties
> besides -fx-padding also scale.
> One thing that would be nice to have to be able to do responsive design as
> we can do on the web, would be to have things like media queries (css rules
> that only apply on specified screen sizes), being able to specify layout
> through CSS, other properties responding to changes in font size in the
> root when defined in em.
> Cheers,

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