Release roadmap for 2 already-merged TableView PRs

Ed Kennard ed at
Tue Jan 28 11:49:03 UTC 2020

Hi everyone,

In Java 9 there were some issues introduced into the TableView code which significantly reduced the extensibility of the skinning.  These issues were blocking ones for us, in terms of migrating from 8 to 11, since we rely heavily on what was originally exposed, a good example being the resizeColumnToFitContent method, originally a protected method in TableViewSkin but moved to the static TableSkinUtils.

I’ve found in the more recent history 2 separate commits by Samir Hadzic which I believe completely solve this for us:

[1] 8207942: Add new protected VirtualFlow methods for subclassing (exposes reorderingProperty, fixed for Java 12)
[2] 8207957: TableSkinUtils should not contain actual code implementation (exposes resizeColumnToFitContent again, fixed for Java 14)

This is excellent news, thanks guys!

It looks like the first opportunity to benefit from both changes is to wait for the upcoming Java 14 pre-release Feb 6th - is that on schedule, and please could I try that out?  Then am I correct in thinking it will be officially published at AdpotOpenJDK on March 17th?




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