[Rev 01] RFR: 8237975: Non-embedded Animations do not play backwards after being paused

Nir Lisker nlisker at openjdk.java.net
Fri Jan 31 18:19:28 UTC 2020

On Fri, 31 Jan 2020 00:31:17 GMT, Kevin Rushforth <kcr at openjdk.org> wrote:

>> The pull request has been updated with 1 additional commit.
> The fix looks fine, and all my testing looks good, too. I don't have a good recommendation for the test...I'd go with whatever is easiest for jfx14 and address it more completely in 15 when you address some of the design issues you raised.

The concept test is now realized. Note that I test on `SingleLoopClipEnvelope` only, but it is the exact same logic in the other 2 (that piece of code should have been pulled out to `ClipEnvelope`, but it will wait for the redesign).

Without the patch the test fails with the value of 5 instead of 3 because the current rate is not updated to be negative: 4 + 5 * (+0.2) = 5


PR: https://git.openjdk.java.net/jfx/pull/98

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