Problems loading Control classes on JRuby project

david brometeo at
Tue Sep 22 07:29:31 UTC 2020

Hi all.

I know that this problem is JRuby specific, but I have asked in JRuby mailing
list without any response and I am desesperated now :(

Question is, I have a very big project programmed in JRuby, with Maven
dependencies. Trying to migrate project to JavaFX I have configured its
dependency jars in pom.xml, as shown in web page tutorials. All works perfectly
for base classes, like javafx.scene.Scene, javafx.stage.Stage, etc.

But, although I configure explicitly javafx-controls module in pom.xml, the
Control classes are not available. I get an error trying to access them of

  org.jruby.exceptions.NameError: (NameError) missing class name (`javafx.scene.control.Button')

I don't understand why some classes exist and some don't. Do you have any clue
for searching... anything?

Thank you very much for any idea :)



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