JDK-8092100 : Text needs to support letter spacing

Torbjørn Torsvik torbjorn at torsvik.net
Wed Sep 1 10:50:30 UTC 2021

Hi. I'm new to this mailing list. I have read through the rules and
guidelines. My apologies if I have missed or misinterpreted anything.

Text (and Label) has no support for letter spacing. This was first noted
back in 2011 (JDK-8092100, unresolved,
https://bugs.java.com/bugdatabase/view_bug.do?bug_id=8092100), and also
commented on when a "-fx-letter-spacing" css property was requested in 2014
(JDK-8090880, unresolved,

>From what I can tell, the issue has not received much attention. The
feature might seem minor, but is sorely missed at least by me. I'm
trying to implement a user interface following google's material design,
but am unable to follow the typography guidelines (
since letter spacing is not supported. Although admittedly not the most
noticeable of features, there's a reason for why it's often specified in
design guidelines. Failure to take it into account will often lead to an
interface looking "not quite right" (

I have looked through the source, and have a few ideas for how to implement
this feature. I gather that before proposing any code change, I should make
a CSR which must be approved by the lead of this project. I find no
guidelines detailing what a CSR must include. Will this message suffice?

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