RFR: 8218745: TableView: visual glitch at borders on horizontal scrolling

Marius Hanl mhanl at openjdk.java.net
Thu Sep 23 19:11:13 UTC 2021

This PR fixes an issue which is probably in JavaFX since VirtualFlow exists.
While horizontal scrolling any VirtualFlow control the left blue border sometimes disappear/gets smaller. (see also image below)

This can be fixed by **snapping** the scroll bar value (similar like e.g. a **ScrollPane** does). 
The same needs to be done on the table header as otherwise the column lines might be 1 px off to the cell lines. 
As a side effect this also fixes that the column lines sometimes get's blurry when horizontal scrolling (see second image).

While testing with **-Dglass.win.uiScale** I found out that the problem is not fixed for a scale like 1.25 or 1.5, while it is fixed for 1 or 2. The border sometimes disappears only when the snapped value is a decimal number (which obviously does not happen on a scale of 1 or 2), e.g. something like 12.6 but it will never disappear when it's a normal number, so e.g. just 12.

That's why something like **Math.round(..)** or just a **cast** to an **int** instead of snapping fixes this problem for all scales. I also didn't notice any side effect. But not sure if this the right fix then. 
How does JavaFX render a **node** when e.g. the x is a decimal number? And does a decimal number make sense (Why we e.g. don't round the value)?

Another explanation could also be that there is an issue somewhere deep inside the node layout/snapping/Clip/Group/pixel rendering and to simply round/cast the value just fixes the symptom here.

In any case I'm open for any feedback, help or explanation.
I'm also glad for anything which might help identify the root cause here, if any.



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 - 8218745: Snapping X/Y when scrolling

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