RFR: 8267606: Style classes not always working

Alessandro Parisi alessandro.parisi406 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 29 16:35:24 UTC 2021

> I can see the original submission you sent (and yes, Praveen didn't
> attach it). I can attach it, but I have a question about it. Also, it
> will need some modifications before we can take a look at it.
> 1. There are differences between the one you originally sent and the one
> pointed two in your google drive project below. Which version would you
> like attached to the JBS bug?
> 2. We really need a self-contained test program, without using gradle or
> maven to download any artifacts. There should be no dependencies on any
> external libraries / jar files / etc. We need to be able to build it
> from source, pointing to a local build of JavaFX, in order to debug it
> (so we don't need any .class files or .jar files in the zip bundle).
> -- Kevin
2) Got it, but unfortunately I cannot remove everything. I can remove all
dependencies and jar files except for the materialfx-11.12.0 because both
ToggleTest and NotificationTest are dependent on custom controls from that
library. Should I "extract" those dependencies?

1) I'd like to attach the new one, provided on the mailing list, but before
we should address point 2 right? If I have to "extract" the dependency I'd
rather remove the NotificationTest as the issue is the same as ToggleTest,
but it depends on many classes from that library.

A little side note, for "extract" I mean copying the necessary classes from
the library to make the test run without it

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