Mac drag-and-drop questions

Martin Fox martin at
Thu Sep 30 22:03:58 UTC 2021

I was just looking at JDK-8237329 which is a drag-and-drop bug on the Mac; holding down the Command key alone is guaranteed to disable an internal dnd operation. I’m putting together a PR to fix this.

While going through the bug database looking for related bugs I ran across JDK-8153032 which notes that given a choice of TransferModes the Mac will default to COPY. This doesn’t match the JavaFX behavior on Windows or the user interface guidelines of any platform; normally the default operation is MOVE and the user has to press Option to force COPY. This bug makes it impossible for a control to get drag-and-drop right on the Mac. The code was last touched to address RT-31449 but it looks like the default mode was COPY even before that.

So my question is whether or not to fix this long-standing but incorrect behavior. I ask because If we’re going to fix the COPY bug I think it should be tested in conjunction with the fix for the modifier keys.

BTW, when I run across a reference to something like RT-31449 is there any way to look at the details of the original bug? <> <>

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