[foreign] RFR 8222765: Implement foreign memory access through VarHandle

Maurizio Cimadamore maurizio.cimadamore at oracle.com
Fri Apr 19 13:25:11 UTC 2019

this patch implements the MemoryAddress/MemoryScope abstractions 
described in the document I've sent recently [1]:


This patch will go on new branch of Panama, called "foreign-memaccess", 
so the patch is relative to the 'default' branch.

Most of the classes added by this patch are the Layout classes we 
already have in the existing 'foreign' branch.

There are however a bunch of new classes: LayoutPath, MemoryAddress and 
MemoryScope (and their respective implementations).

In order to generate VarHandle with the right number of dimensions, we 
use a template (so that we can automatically generate all variants of 
VarHandle for all carriers). Then, we also need some bytecode spinning, 
since a concrete VarHandle might have a number of components indices 
which depend on the layout being accessed (more specifically, for each 
traversed array, there's an extra long component).

The spinning is done in the new AddressVarHandleGenerator class.

I've added a smoke test for the various memory mode accesses; we should 
of course add more tests e.g. to check that all scope options are 
properly enforced (such as confinement).

With this patch, performances of VH access is approx 15% slower than a 
plain Unsafe call. The main issue is that the scope liveness check is 
not hoisted outside of hot loops from hotspot (since the scope state is 
a mutable field which could be changed by a different thread). Vlad is 
working on the JIT optimization story for this; the idea is that when 
access is confined, JIT will be able to trust the fact that it's seeing 
all accesses to the scope it needs to and, provided the scope never 
escapes the inlined method, the liveness check can be hoisted, 
effectively bringing us on par with Unsafe.


[1] - http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~mcimadamore/panama/memaccess.html

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