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Giorgio Zoppi giorgio.zoppi at
Sun Apr 21 18:08:55 UTC 2019

Dear all,
i an trying to use jextract against botan cryptolibrary. My intent is to
fullfill this ticket as personal
Looks likes jextract doenst support C++ namespaces.
jozoppi at hpbox:~$ jextract /usr/local/include/botan-2/botan/botan.h -L
/usr/local/lib/ -I /usr/local/include/botan-2/ -l botan-2 -t Botan
--record-library-path -o botan2.jar
java.lang.RuntimeException: /usr/local/include/botan-2/botan/assert.h:15:1:
error: unknown type name 'namespace'
Basically in botan.h we include assert.h and at line 15 we have:


#include <botan/build.h>
#include <botan/compiler.h>

namespace Botan {
.... i skip the rest.

What do i miss?
Best Regards,

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