jextract and Botan

Giorgio Zoppi giorgio.zoppi at
Mon Apr 22 11:01:57 UTC 2019

Dear Jorn,
ok thanks for the answer. I will proceed in this way. Does the project
panama any plan to support native c++?
Best Regards,

El dom., 21 abr. 2019 a las 21:59, Jorn Vernee (<jbvernee at>)

> Hi Giorgio,
> Please note that jextract does not really support C++ yet. If you want
> to create bindings for Botan you will have to use the C API for now,
> which is also what's used for bindings of other languages it seems [1]
> Eye-balling the command you'd need to use, try:
>     jextract /usr/local/include/botan-2/botan/ffi.h -L /usr/local/lib/ -I
> /usr/local/include/botan-2/ -l botan-2 -t Botan --record-library-path -o
> botan2.jar
> A jextract of just the header file works for me, but I can not get the
> build working on my machine, so I can't test the exact command.
> Hope this helps,
> Jorn
> [1] :

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