Feedback.. & Question about verifying Intrinsics are being used

Ben Hutchison brhutchison at
Sun Feb 14 07:39:48 UTC 2021

Hi Panama dev team :)

First post here.

1. Some positive feedback: I tried calling the Vector SIMD API from Scala
3.0.0-M3 on JDK16 RC  and, from the outside, everything worked as expected.
The hardest bit was getting SBT (Scala Build Tool) to load the module (`sbt
-J--add-modules -Jjdk.incubator.vector` worked for me, if anyone else gets
stuck on that).

Actually, I found the Panama API documentation easy to understand and
conceptually clear. While it's low level, the API made sense and Im
confident I could build higher operations on top of it.

2. However, Im not at all confident that the SSE/AVX Intrinsics were
actually used. My cpu is theoretically capable, but I want to be sure... Is
there any docs, blogs or suggested methods to verify that a running program
is actually using the vector cpu instructions, and not the fallback scalar


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