ClassCastException in jextract

Sebastian Stenzel sebastian.stenzel at
Mon May 3 05:35:07 UTC 2021


I'm currently attempting to jextract a library on macOS Big Sur but I run into exceptions, both with the latest EA build as well as a locally built snapshot (commit 204518d):

class jdk.internal.jextract.impl.TypeImpl$1 cannot be cast to class jdk.incubator.jextract.Type$Delegated (jdk.internal.jextract.impl.TypeImpl$1 and jdk.incubator.jextract.Type$Delegated are in module jdk.incubator.jextract of loader 'app')

I guess that `TypeImpl$1` refers to `TypeImpl.DelegatedBase`, so the cast should be allowed.

Is there anything I can do to get a more detailed output logged by jextract?


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